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Anatoly Plyushko is founder of Charity Center or Mercy Center.

Anatoly Plyushko
(currently retired)

  Thanks to Anatoly Plyushko, who could his dreams come true, appeared this wonderful place - Charity Center or Mercy Center. Here, both children and adults get care, love, and participation in their life. With the help of unconcerned people and Anatoly's friends, the Center daily supplies essential things for people who need them. 
   Anatoly grew up in a big Christian family, where love and concern for neighbour were brought up. 
How did it go from words and dreams to deeds? Anatoly told that once he had been walking home from a work and he had met a boy who was very poorly dressed and asked to eat something. It gave an impulse of thinking about some place, where children could come and they always knew that they would be fed and dressed. And the most important - they feel love, do not lose hope that there is something amazing in the world and there are good people. 
The next step was searching for a suitable place. Old garages were bought our from the town and the work began... With the help of Anatoly's friends and also children and teens from difficult families, they worked daily in order to the garages became similar to a cozy house. It is very glad to realize that years later these once small unwanted children call and express their deep gratitude. 
   Because thanks to this light, love and care, they were able to escape from poverty and become men with a capital "M". 
   Everyone needs it, someone dreams of helping people too. But how it is good when we do not just dream but do everything to make the dreams come true. 
   "Taking - we fill up hands, giving - fill up the heart."




Below, You will find a video about organization created by ETV+ and named "Meie inimesed" (Our people). 

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