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Mercy Center Narva

Charity organisation

The Mercy Center is a philanthropic organization that has been working since 1989. The main purpose is to help children and their families, who are in a difficult situation. The Mercy Center provides different activities such as sport activities, cultural, social, and many more for children and youth. Also, children are provided everyday with two hot meals per day, provided with clothes and hygiene products. We offer an opportunity for self-development and self-actualization.  Children from such families make souvenirs, comprehensively develop: they sing, dance, visit various places familiarizing with various cultures). The Mercy Center undertakes all efforts to distract youth from street life and instead of that, they are offered the best opportunities. Our aim is to help the formation of children and adapt them to adult life, to believe in ourselves and their strengths, to look at the world through different eyes - the eyes of faith and hope.


About the Mercy Center

From July 1989, the organization had been called the Estonian North-West Regional Mercy Mission. In 1998, the organization officially registered its activity as MTÜ Virumaa Heategevuskeskus.

For years many educational, children’s and medical institutions and also inhabitants of communal houses, invalids, and homeless people have felt and estimated the necessity and importance of MTÜ Virumaa Heategevuskeskus. Guided by the life of Narva youth and their social needs, the organization made a decision of buying-off old garages on Võidu 17E, Narva. Then the reconstruction of the buildings had been started with the assistance of young people, friends from western countries and many concerned people. The main works had continued for 15 long years. Since 2016, the Mercy center has fully corresponded to all the requirements and standards of the state.

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Contact Us

Võidu prospekt 17E, Narva, Estonia

+372 5866 9599

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