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Back to School 2022

Fundraising started for the event Back to school 2022.

Help children go to school prepared to succeed

Here is an additional informaion:

Not all parents can afford to buy exactly those things that are necessary for child’ lessons (quality paints, pencils, backpacks, and other things). Children must not feel frustrated themselves between age mates. To carry out the Charity Event by September 1, Mercy Center accepts the charity help in the form of school supplies such as notebooks, pens, brushes, pencils, pencil cases, covers for notebooks and exercise books and other school supplies. The assistance received from you will be given to large families and low-income families.

The fundraising campaign will finish on 30 August 2022.

The assistance for children can be provided by companies, organizations, institutions and by an individual person, thus we are looking for the support from your organization, both financially or else.

Please follow the details to proceed with the donation:

Beneficiary: MTÜ Mercy Center Narva

Account number: EE461010220274130220 in SEB Bank

Transaction comment: First September

Fundraising deadline: 30 August 2022

The organisation is in the list of associations benefiting from income tax incentives, then if you are a private person, you will be returned income tax at the end of the year (when you make transaction in your bank account, please write your personal code to return income tax). But if you are an organisation, you will not be hold a tax.

Link for this event:

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