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Our holiday "Back to school"

Below are photos from our holiday "Back to School", which took place on 30th August. On our event were special guests - Victoria Punga and Piret Purdelo-Tomingas.

At the official part, the first graders received a full backpack, in which were everything they need for a school. Other schoolchildren received small gifts for the school too (pencils, pens, notebooks).

Children prepared their own performance for the holiday - a musical and dance numbers. After the official part of the holiday, children and parents were offered dinner and ice cream in different parts of the center due to COVID-19 restrictions. Also, at the end of the holiday there was a distribution of goods.

We would like to express our gratitude to Victoria Punga and Piret Purdelo-Tomingas for their warm visit! Thanks so much Victoria for presents!

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