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Children's Room

Having collected all forces and having created Charity Youth Center for children from the risk group in the most unfavourable part of the town, we want to go further and do not stop on achieved. The Organization wants to help as many poor children as it is possible, that is why we decided to create a children room inside the communal houses. Nowadays, the Mercy Center has two children’s rooms.

The main purpose of these rooms is to distract children from communal houses from street and offer them to try another lifestyle, give them a possibility of alternative activities.

Children room in a communal house in the street Kreenholmi 40, Narva

Many children come to the main Center, but for some children the center is located far away from home. So, we decided to create a children's room inside the communal house (Kreenholmi 32 Street). Having made the analysis of the situation, we have found out that 60 children 5–16 years of age live there.

Together with the tenants of the communal house, we made repair works and ordered in the children’s room that was given us for use from the town. There are a hall and a playing room. Since March 2004 children have come here to play different games, to make handmade cards and souvenirs. At the end of every day all children get tea with sweets. It is certainly not the real supper for them but some pleasure at least. In June 2007 the children's room moved into other communal houses in the street Kreenholmi 40.

Children room in a communal house in the street Võidu 17, Narva

Since April 2005 another children’s room has been working on Võidu 17 near the Center. Small children the ages 2 to 6 years are brought here by mothers who are not able to stay with children during the day or to send them to kinder gardens. Children come here since the morning and stay during the whole day. Since the early morning, these children are taken care of, are fed and we offer them many games to play. Elder children also come here after school. Step by step this room is improved where every child can always find love and care.

For the children from this communal house, it is a good opportunity to spend their time here profitably. Since April 2012 we had to close this place because in the summer communal house on Võidu 17 should be closed. Some families moved to other communal houses and children come to Children's room on Kreenholmi 40 or to the main Center on Võidu 17E.

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