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Organization During COVID-19

We would like to share with you how our life was during the first wave of coronavirus.

First of all, it was unexpected and we had to make decisions fast. Before COVID-19, there were about 60 children who visited the Mercy Center and about 15 children visited an affiliated enterprise -“Luchik”. The most painful thing was the fact that we had to be closed. Since children are from low-income families, most of them stayed without food. Among parents were panic too because the majority of them were dismissed from a job by an employer, they were left without salary and they were caught in a difficult situation. Therefore, in that period our mobile phones were always turned on. People addressed and asked us for grocery sets, hygiene products, protective equipment and medicines. Whenever possible, we tried to help them in their already difficult situation. At that time, we had a very small supply of food, but people were even grateful for that too.

After the introduction of the state of emergency, the decision was made to open the Center with working hours three times a week for one and half hours. It was made to organize hot meals contribution. Most of the people came with their own container, someone was given food in disposable tableware. We were glad that in this difficult time we even though partly can be useful. Of course, staff were in masks, gloves, when entering were antiseptics and also there were defined the distance. From our side, we made great efforts to comply with the instructions of our government, without breaking the law - to continue to provide assistance to people in need. Many thanks to the Norwegian team “Estlandsforeningen i Midt-Norge” who provided financial support and we were able to visit many families and give them grocery sets. It was a difficult and unforgettable time together since there was fear of the future, people were in the unknown, how and what to expect in the future. And when we gave them grocery sets, their eyes lit up with hope and faith in the future. Many of them had tears of joy in their eyes. Many thanks to a volunteer from Cyprus who had helped us for a long time.

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