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Olgina Project

The Mercy Center possesses an area of 4315 root meters in Olgina village near Narva town for creating a rehabilitation center for children from troubled families and their parents.

The Mercy Center is going to organize a sort of a labour camp for children and adults from poor families who have lost their life goals. Those adults who are considered to be our target group had been already spending their lives on the city dumping place for several years or live in terrible conditions in a communal house.

The most important idea is to give these people a chance for rehabilitation and taking the right way in life. Only food and clothes given to them will not bring considerable changes in the way they spend their life. They should be shown another point of view and some positive perspective on society, so it will help them to change their attitudes toward the world.

Our aim is to give them a helping hand and another chance. Most of the dumping place residents have good knowledge in some areas; also, they have a lot of technical skills.

So, what we need is to give these people an opportunity to demonstrate their good sides. And we think that a new labour camp will help them with it.

According to our plans, the labour training base in Olgina will comprise a wood workshop, a pottery workshop, a sewing workshop, a souvenirs workshop, also a youth village for rest.

Of course, this project requires considerable investments. But making plans is the only way to get some results, otherwise, we get nothing. The work does not go as fast as we wish, but it keeps going, step by step. Former homeless make their possible contribution but we still need so much help in building materials, because we cannot afford the expenses of purchasing them now.

The walls have been raised recently; the next step is to repair the roof, to protect the people, working inside from the cold and rain. The work helps people to believe in themselves and to stand on their own feet firmly. People want to work; they like to be needed and useful. Let’s give them this opportunity.

You can see photos of the spot where the reconstruction of the buildings has been started, to make it useful for people. In one of the buildings, we are planning to put some beds to let homeless people working here can sleep near the workplace. Those kids who are treating badly by their parents can also take temporary shelter here. In the summertime we go with children to the territory of Olgina village to spend time there in the fresh air, working and having rest.

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